Whatever Happened to Muscle Cars, Classics, and Hotrods?

Whatever happened to the good old muscle car? You know what happened to them, the imports took over!

Back years ago you could find what is now considered a classic on every street corner. These days when you stop at a red light you see a Honda, Toyota, or some sort of American made car that should say Honda or Toyota! People have sure changed, and for the most part it’s not good for us hotrodders. Young teenagers used to get excited about taking out dads Camaro, Mustang, or Cuda, nowadays they’re excited to take out the 4-door Civic. In case you youngsters didn’t know, a 4-door Honda Civic is not a fast muscle car, nor will it beat one in the ¼ mile. So what do they do to make their car “faster”? They put a 6″ exhaust tip, and fiberglass hood on it and fly around making as much buzzing noise as they can!!!

As if that were not bad enough, car manufacturers like GM discontinue cars like the Camaro and Firebird and come out with cars like the Cobalt. Did you know they sell the Cobalt with factory “hop-ups” so you don’t have to do the work of making it look and sound ridiculous? Just look at the Chevy Impala, does that even resemble an Impala? The only cars GM has that are even remotely quick are the over priced Corvette and the GTO, which is not too bad. I applaud Ford for continuing to make Mustangs, and Dodge for bringing back the Charger, but is that all you got? I’ll never understand Americans who continue to buy these “imports”, and spend time working on them, just to make them uglier than they already are and probably slower. I don’t intend to criticize anyone, but if I did too bad.

The "Clunker" Bill For Cars – Will This Destroy Many of the American Muscle Cars?

Future generations may not be able to able to shop for cars that are part of their youth like older people can. Most of us can purchase cars that we drove in as teenagers, which are the old classic muscle cars. There is a new bill that has pass the “clunkers” bill this is where the Government will give rebates if you turn in cars that do not get great gas mileage.


If you trade in a “clunker” for a newer car that gets better gas mileage you may qualify for that rebate.


What they consider a clunker is a gas-guzzler which is a vehicle that gets less than 18 MPG. This would cover many vehicles SUV’s, Trucks, and muscle cars. This could cover many of the classic vehicles and the vehicles that may be considered classic in a few years off the roads permanently.


Cars are part of our history. Cars have always held a soft spot in many of our heats and souls, what will happen to these vehicles that they consider clunkers? In order for this bill to pass, the dealers would have to crush them and get the clunkers off the roads. This bill is designed to replace the old model cars which they are hoping will be 1984 or later with the newer fuel efficient vehicles which will get better fuel mileage. This will take off the road many dependable vehicles that are not only classics but will be desirable in the future as vehicles that are sought after for collectors of automobiles.